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Hinged Frame Box Part 2: Valentines Edition

Posted on February 15th, 2013 in Craft Attitude, Crafts

The hinged box I made out of two stretched canvases was such a success, I decided to make another one for Valentine’s Day. This is the “Puppy Love” box. Once again, both the fronts and backs of the canvases were decorated with Craft Attitude printable film. So really, in minutes the canvases were transformed. I bought some stock photos from for the general valentine’s imagery like the candy hearts, and then photoshopped the sayings on them. And those are photos of my dogs Fosse and Gershwin, who just love each other. See the last post for detailed DIY instructions.

hinged box with craft attitude

I love how the backs of the frame create a shadow box for Fosse (left) and Gershwin (right) to sit in.stretched canvas hinged box


Notice how the wood grain shows through the Craft Attitude film. Love that.puppylove5

hinged box stretched canvas

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