St. Patrick's plaid fingernail decals

St. Patrick’s Fingernail Decals Made with Craft Attitude

Posted on February 24th, 2013 in Craft Attitude, Crafts

As a designer for Craft Attitude printable film, I love experimenting with new ways to use it, because it really goes on practically everything. While brainstorming St. Patrick’s Day ideas, I thought of these fun plaid fingernail decals. The Craft Attitude film goes on your fingernails with a glue stick, and it looks like you spent a fortune getting custom nails at a salon. Also, when wearing these, you won’t get pinched for not wearing green. Unless you like getting pinched, but that’s a whole other story.

This project would be great any time of year, customizing the designs according to holiday or occasion. Imagine how fun it would be for kids’ parties, where everyone could make nail decals with their favorite designs. The great thing is they’re easy to put on, and easy to take off. No mess!

St. Patrick's Day plaid fingernail decals

fingernail decals

St. Patrick's plaid fingernail decal

St. Patrick's Day fingernail decals

St. Patrick's Day fingernail decals

St. Patrick's Day fingernail decal


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