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Upcycled Cereal Box Frames

Posted on June 28th, 2017 in Crafts

I love eco-friendly crafts in which I can upcycle objects that would normally go in the trash. In my household, we go through a lot of cereal, so to make use of some of those boxes, I am turning old cereal boxes into picture frames. You can really use any boxes, like Girl Scout Cookie boxes, dog biscuit boxes, even detergent boxes. And this is a fun project for the kids, too!

What you’ll need:

Empty cereal box

Wrapping paper


Hobby knife

Straight edge

Spray adhesive or glue stick

Hot glue gun


Step 1: Cut the box so it lies flat, and then cut off the end flaps. If the box is large, turn it horizontal and cut it in half so you can make two frames.cut box

Step 2: Apply spray adhesive to the plain side of the box and adhere a piece of wrapping paper to it. Spray adhesive spreads an even coating of glue, but it is messy and needs to be used in a well-ventilated space. A glue stick is a good alternative, especially if you’re doing this project with kids. I actually like using my Xyron Creative Station. You put what you want to make sticky into the machine, crank the handle, and a layer of adhesive is applied to one of the sides. No mess and so easy.adhere paper

Step 3: Using a hobby knife and straight edge, trim the excess paper, along with the edges of the cereal box that may have been cut unevenly with the scissors. Be careful with the hobby knife, and keep it away from children.cut

Step 4: Cut a square or rectangular hole on one side where the photo will be inserted.cut

Step 5: Apply hot glue to the end flap and fold it over one side to assemble the frame, with the wrapping paper on the outside. The finished product will be a three-sided, easel-style frame.hot glue

Step 6: Add embellishments like ribbon, buttons and charms to the front using the hot glue gun. And when you’re done, tape a photo in the opening.embellishment


Here is my video on how to make them:

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  1. Great idea!!
    My personal experience with spray glue was very messy and difficult!
    Glue sticks are not reliable either–my personal solution was double stick tape. This might take a little practice but the double stick tape really holds and so far, is durable.

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